Sep 20

Major new project on Accessibility and the Digital Humanities: BrailleSC

Logo for the BrailleSC project

Logo for the BrailleSC project

Profhacker today has an excellent post on accessibility issues and the digital humanities. It is an excellent post and worth a read by all who are interested in the intersection of DH and accessibility. I’m very intrigued, also, by the new project they announce, which is in partnership with WordPress

For the 2012-2013 academic year, the BrailleSC project and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities have partnered to extend WordPress–a system recommended frequently here at ProfHacker–to the blind and low-vision communities by creating a plug-in that will allow anyone to translate WordPress content to braille text. We’ve titled our efforts “Making the Digital Humanities More Open.”

Given the importance of WordPress as a platform for all kinds of projects, this is extremely exciting. At the BrailleSC project page, there’s a bit more information, explaining how the system will be built on the Anthologize plugin for WordPress. Anthologize has its genesis in One Week|One Tool, a very THATCamp-ish experiment.

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