Aug 27

Registration is now open

Sketch of thumbs up, called 'Awesome Doodle', by Evan Hahn

“Awesome Doodle”, cc Evan Hahn

Registration is now open. We will close registration on September 21st. Registration closes on October 20th! We ask, as you fill in the registration form, that you please indicate if you have any particular needs that we can help to accommodate. We will do our best to meet them, as we are committed to making every reasonable accommodation we can.

Please pass the word, and we hope to see you in October!

Once your registration has been accepted, we will give you author privileges on this site so that you can propose ideas to your fellow campers, comment on each others’ ideas, and generally, get the conversation going before the date. In the meantime, feel free to use the ‘All Our Ideas’ poll to brainstorm.

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