Oct 26

Session proposal: X things you should know about accessibility and the digital humanities

I serve as a resource for the digital humanities center in my library and have been asked to facilitate a brown bag discussion on accessibility and the digital humanities. I’m also a member of a THATCamp organizing committee and am thinking of ways to approach accessibility-related topics if we offer workshops in addition to sessions proposed on the spot. As I’ve started putting together ideas, it has occurred to me that others might also have a need for essential information on DH and accessibility.

This session might be a discussion or the beginning of a product: a pitch, a 7 Things You Should Know About-type publication, a blog post, a compilation of existing resources, a lesson plan for workshops to be offered in our own organizations and classrooms or at other THATCamps, etc..

Would others interested in teaching and training like to talk about strategies for broadening colleagues/students understanding of disability, universal design, and accessible DH?

Note: This discussion might best be facilitated by another attendee. I’m attending virtually and, while I serve as a resource for the digital humanities center in my library, I’m not a digital humanist/digital humanities practitioner, so others probably have a better understanding of existing resources and the needs of the community.


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