John Szczygiel

  • Title / Position: Student; PMC Assistive Technologist Assistant; Ombud Services Assistant
  • Organization: Carleton University, Citizens With Disabilities Ontario (CWDO), Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA)
  • Website:;

I am a 4th year Carleton University Student (Major(s) in Law and Human Rights; Minor in Women and Gender Studies). I have for the past couple of years (while in university) worked closely with the Paul Menon Centre Assistive Technology Lab; helping individuals with Kurzweil and Dragon Naturally Speaking. At the Main PMC Centre I have assisted with Co-Creation, Upkeep and Organization of a Close-Caption Database for persons who are hard-of-hearing. Also I worked on a Computerized Offline Book for persons who may be away from a internet connection or who are new to the system. I have assisted Paddy and Linda Stewart with the Paul Menton Centre Intro and the Carleton/Algonquin 'Make The Cut' (a day event for transitioning students with disabilities from high school into a university or college environment. I have also been apart of with: the CWDO Carleton-Forum (and currently I am apart of the CWDO board); PMC 'GetTheFacts'(GTF); Offline Captioner; Volunteer Scribe; READ Town Hall and Tribute to Rick Hansen; among other things.

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