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Aug 27

Registration is now open

Registration is now open. We will close registration on September 21st. Registration closes on October 20th! We ask, as you fill in the registration form, that you please indicate if you have any particular needs that we can help to accommodate. We will do our best to meet them, as we are committed to making …

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Aug 20

All Our Ideas!

In order to kick start ideas about what we might discuss, we’re using ‘All Our Ideas’ as a way to get the conversation going. Feel free to vote, or propose new ideas, below! (Thanks to THATCamp NY for the example!)

Jun 06

Partner Profile: The READ Initiative


THATCamp Accessibility is pleased to be partnered with Carleton University’s new ‘READ Initiative‘. READ stands for ‘Research, Education, Accessibility, and Design’, and is under the direction of the Dean of Engineering. From their place-holder website, celebrate and cultivate Carleton’s expertise in the fields of disability and accessibility. The READ Initiative will build on Carleton’s strong …

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Jan 18

Coming October 27!

Save the date: October 27th 2012, at Carleton University! We hope to explore the areas of overlap between the digital humanities, technology, and issues of accessibility (broadly construed). Please join us by filling in the registration form!

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