Peter Holdsworth

  • Title / Position: Master student
  • Organization: Carleton University
  • Twitter: @P_W_Holdsworth

As a social historian, I initially focused on class but am now also investigating questions of gender. My hope is to pursue a career in public history, particularly in the museum and archival fields. This summer, I completed a very interesting internship working behind the scenes in a research capacity at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. As a dual-citizen of Canada and the United States, I have been intrigued with the differing interpretations of the War of 1812 and of Loyalists. In my current research, I have turned to the digital humanities and social network theory as a way to examine the commemoration of colonial-era Ontario society and the possibility that such commemorations have perpetuated invented traditions. Trained in history and classics at Queen’s University (2011), I also have a strong interest in archaeology. In addition to my coursework in archaeology through the Classics Department at Queen's, I have completed an archaeological field school and have also interned with the archaeologists at Fortress Louisbourg. I am currently exploring the use of social media in history with Twitter and blogs but am relatively new at this.

Posts by Peter

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